Divinorum #6 is out now:


Recalling the era of the handmade, the rough-hewn.  A gift from above, a key to the key of the kingdom.  The natural world in hand.  The charged fetish the symbol of both.

37min Audiowork CDr + Photobook printed on muslin and hand-stitched with sinew + bag of twigs and jute twine for use in creating your own fetish.  As with all Ðivinorum releases, your engagement is encouraged; add your own materials (twigs, paint, etc) to your fetish.  Build and charge the fetish while receiving the Transmission, around the full moon.  The meaning you charge it with is your own. Access the Theta.

As usual, there are secrets encoded within.  Patterns are everywhere in nature.  DE RERVM NATVRA.

More information: Catalog DIV-006.


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