Ðivinorum is an art-zine series and experience on black aluminum, cassette, Time, and other materials of interest.  It is an ongoing abstract narrative shaped by a polymagickal theology and communicated through photobooks, soundworks, music, digital items, artifacts, ephemeral live actions (a la Joseph Beuys), and geocache disturbances—not unlike an ARG (alternate reality game), there are many hidden things in each release and in the intersections where the Ðivinorum universe meets our own.  Each piece is handmade and unique, fostering an actual and deliberate real-world moment where mere content becomes experience—aka magic.

Even the materials are changed and transformed by your touch.  Holding a book made of aluminum, for instance, feeling the coldness of the metal, the weight, the texture, hearing the metallic sound as the pages turn, possibly even cutting yourself on the razor edges–all of this becomes a part of the experience of the content.  As you interact, you leave your mark on the pages: creases, fingerprints, oil; you become a part of divinorum, as it becomes a part of you.  You are a participant.  You are here, now.  The perceived limits of human experience are yours to cross.