Again, Ego Death

Returning to the subject of Divinorum release #1, this release explores the concept of ego death. Chiefly discussed by psychonauts, ego death is notoriously difficult to define and believe in. Some take the word “death” too literally, questioning how the ego can die permanently—after all, an ego stills exists to talk about the experience.

The ego is merely the persistent sense of self that we consider separate from the rest of the world: a distinct and unique I. Death is not a permanent cessation of the ego, but rather a permanent change in one’s relationship to the ego. During the ego death process the idea of separation falls away. The reality that we “experience” through bio-chemical responses to input from the five senses falls away. A reality and sense of self created by the construct of language falls away.

Using a framework of light vs. dark, modified versions of the original images are printed to transparencies. Without a light source or light background, there is darkness; with light or white background, the images reveal themselves. Further, the images can be overlaid to create increasingly deeper and darker images. Similarly, words are printed to transparencies and can be placed freely on or around the images, or they can be stacked to create a meaningless jumble of language. The modified images have been converted to sounds (by contributing artist Improper) which explore (through the included CD-R and/or cassette) the process of ego death.

Again, Ego Death comes with a frayed black oilcloth blindfold, and a nail.

Divinorum #5: Again, Ego Death. Maius 2014.

» Unlimited, Multi-format release;

» 8 images of undoing, printed on transparency;

» interchangeable words and phrases printed on transparency;

» CD-R and/or Cassette with 2 sound-pieces by Improper (approximately 16 minutes total);

» frayed black oilcloth blindfold and a nail;

» Digital version: pdf (20 pages) and mp3 downloads.

(Catalog DIV-005UM.)

As always, headphones make for the best experience when exploring Divinorum soundscapes.

Multi-format release:

Standard – CD or Cassette;

Deluxe – CD + Cassette;

Digital version  (free with Standard and Deluxe).

Deluxe version free with purchase of Divinorum #1, EGO DEATH.

All prices include shipping.