Bokor, Even in His Youth

A Haitian sorcerer, known as a bokor, examines the thin line between life and the walking death-state of the zombies that he creates. Is he himself a zombie? Are you?

From 35mm photos taken in 2005 and subsequently forgotten in a box until rediscovery in 2013.

» 19 black aluminum pages (images, text) + vellum cover slip, title page, and colophon (21 pages total).
» 17 color images
» Limited Edition (50 copies worldwide + 1 archive copy NFS).
» Copy #1 has serrated edge on binding (SOLD, Standard binding still available).

   (Catalog DIV-002L.)

divinorum #2: Bokor, Even in His Youth COVER
Bokor: Standard


— First copy (1/50) has serrated edge on binding, slightly different colophon, incomplete catalog number, and more saturated images.