(into theta)

Drifting closer and closer to sleep, have you ever had a vision so fast and so powerful and so seemingly out of nowhere that it snapped you back into consciousness?  Where did that vision, that thought that seems so out of character for you, come from?  Welcome to the theta.

The Theta Rhythm is a brainwave pattern oscillating at 4-7Hz.  Occurring in the last moments of deep relaxation just before sleep, the theta is literally at the threshold of the subconscious.  In the theta, one can experience heightened receptivity to information, flashes of imagery and intuition, profound creativity, access to long-forgotten memories, deep meditation, and shamanic visions.

Usually, we can’t access the theta until we approach sleep, but you can trick your mind into accessing the theta while you are awake by playing binaural beats that correspond to the theta rhythm.  The included binaural beats sound piece begins in the higher brain wave cycles associated with the fully awake, alert mind and slowly eases you down into theta, at 4.5Hz.  Headphones (and 46 minutes) are required.

Multi-format (standard, digital) unlimited release:

(catalog DIV-004M)

Divinorum: INTO THETA


» comes with free digital version;

» Raw 5″ x 6″ book with 15 black aluminum pages + 1 vellum title page;

» 13 luster-print images (7 color, 6 b/w);

» 1 copy has serrated edges (front and back cover pages);

» Comes standard with CD-R in vellum slip with binaural sound piece (TRT 46:04);

Pictured cassette SOLD OUT.

DIGITAL (available separately, but free with purchase of standard version):

» pdf book (title page + 31 images);

» mp3 of 46-minute binaural sound piece.

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— First copy has serrated edges on the front and back cover/pages.  This version has SOLD.

–First 3 copies have misspellings in the text of the vellum title page.